It works!

This is the default web page for Daywood Web Server 1.

The web server software is running but no real content has yet been loaded. That would seem to be next, once I get the Linux permissions thing worked out. It's everywhere. In the Web server, in the FTP server that transferes the fiiles back and forth, and it's in Linux it's self, oh, my. Why Web Server 1, you ask? I am evaluating two systems. One is a pre-made version from the big guns at Oracle called XAMPP. Oracle writes the Apache software that runs both. Apache runs most of the websites in the world, much to Micro$oft's annoyance, grin...This one is a clean install running on Debian Linux "Squeeze" version (more on that later). I have to build it from scratch. From the ground up, so to speak. The other one is a minimal system to build upon, but I'm not sure it will meet our needs. It runs on CrunchBang Linux a minimal version of Arch Linux that I run on my laptop. CrunchBang is the name of it's symbol #!. Geek-speak like slash dot, dot com, or http colon whach whack double-udouble-u double-u dot prestonville dot com or whatever.

Who, what, where or why, you ask? Well, the Who is (a rock and roll band, oh, wait that's another song). The intended audience is us here at home. What is our own private internal internet. Where is right over on my desk, where we all can see it. Why? For several reasons, like privacy, security and a centralzed location for stuff.

Ha, now I have some content, huh? Guess I could change the intro now....nah, what the heck.

IP Address:

Debian "Squeeze" Linux

Created 2/25/12 - Updated 3/10/12 RonP